Palm celebrates all the best of British: dependable design, quality garments, environmentally sensitive, and with innovative use of technology and natural fibers.

Better still, Palm delivers what young people are demanding from their base layer underwear – versatility, warmth and comfort, without compromising style or contemporary design.

White Swan

White Swan has been synonymous with quality and reliability over the years and is often the first name asked for by the discerning customer. White Swan provides underwear styles for all seasons, and is designed for the woman who wants style with comfort.

The range features younger designs and pretty, feminine fabrics suited to both young and old alike. It provides a classic but fresh look, matching easy care and comfort with uncompromising style.


The underwear of choice for many men, Guardian is our comprehensive range of unique base layer apparel, designed to give a pleasant comfort throughout the day.

It only uses the best yarn available; both natural and technical, giving our customers unparalleled warmth, comfort and confidence.


Aikon is working closely with PFA to support the latest socks and garments developments.

PFA is embedded with VOXX HPT (Human Performance Technology). VOXX HPT use proprietary Neuro-Points, based on neuromuscular science that boost the user’s system leading to increased strength, balance, stability, recovery and range of motion. VOXX HPT is proven and tested.

The results are incredible. The possibilities are limitless.

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